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Society for Promotion of Appropriate Development Efforts (SPADE)

SPADE is a voluntary NGO (non-governmental organization) in north-east India, formed in 1994 & registered under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860. SPADE was formed by a group of likeminded persons from different professional backgrounds to initiate and support development activities at the community level in the rural areas of Assam. The founding members felt that a top-down approach was the major reason for the failure of the conventional government development programmes. SPADE was formed out of the belief that rural development is most effective through people’s participation with both planning and execution of a programme.

Our Vision

A society where every individual is enabled to explore and express her/his innate potential.

SPADE's Mission

The mission of SPADE is to provide sustainable solutions to the problems of the most vulnerable members of society, with a focus on self-sufficiency through appropriate use of resources at their disposal.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create, support and encourage people’s initiatives in community development in rural areas of Assam.
  • To facilitate an environment for women’s self-development.
  • To sensitize the common people about problems associated with flood and to undertake disaster management activities related to flood.
  • To undertake activities to develop people’s awareness for environmental protection.
  • To develop a resource/data base for dissemination of information to the stakeholders.
  • To promote the concept of co-living with flood.



For information on the upcoming SPADE/PPCWC fund-raising cultural event, go to the page: Where the Brahmaputra meets the Mississippi.

Project Xarothy

SPADE enables the sponsorship of promising children whose studies are threatened by adverse circumstances. SPADE's goal is to enable these children to continue their education and become self-reliant in life.

Flood Relief

SPADE volunteers are currently working toward long-term solutions to flood-related problems as well as immediate short-term relief for flood victims. SPADE volunteers go to remote interior flood-affected areas that are untouched or ignored by governmental agencies. SPADE has organized health camps that provide free health-care, provided tube-wells for drinking water, and distributed food. The majority of the rural population in Assam is vulnerable to the devastating effects of the flood and lose their homes and means of livelihood. SPADE is working toward the economic empowerment of flood victims. The problems from the flood remain long after the flood waters have receded, and SPADE works toward alleviating the long-term effects of floods. The positive effects of the SPADE volunteers' work have been significant. However, SPADE volunteers are in urgent need of funds. Here is an appeal from SPADE.

Rural Development

One of SPADE's goals is to promote and support sustainable people's development initiatives in backward rural areas of Assam. SPADE has participated in Community Development Program, Construction of a Community Resource Center, Flood Relief Program, Support for Income Generation Activity, Rural Sanitation Program, Tree Plantation Program, and Capacity and Skill Development Program.

Women's Empowerment

One of the most vulnerable sections of society in Assam are women. SPADE has projects include Program for Empowerment of Rural Women, Adult Literacy Program for Women,"Mahila Vikash Kendra" (Women's Development Center), At present they have taken up a Project on Residential Center for Development of Women "XAROTHI" in Guwahati where all distressed women will have opportunity to develop their potential skill and enable them to earn living in a dignified manner.

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