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Where the Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi


About Bhangra: Bhangra, the cultural folk dance originated in the agrarian state of Punjab located in Northern India and Pakistan. Its lyrics reflect the long and often tumultuous history of Punjab. The addicting music is performed by the accompaniment of the dhol. The dancing to Bhangra was usually associated with the harvest festival “Vaisakhi” as farmers celebrated the fruits of their labor. Today Bhangra is no longer confined to Punjab; the contagious rhythms of this music have permeated nearly every land with extreme energy and popularity. With its heart pounding beats of the dhol, it has permeated the main stream music industry, making “Bhangra” an uncontrollable pandemonium on dance floors around the world. Every new beat of the dhol makes the most timid want to jump out in excitement. It has become the epitome of popular dance and without the inclusion of it, there is no party.

Anantjot Anand
Iqbal Bedi
Jaskirat Bindra
Sunny Kahlon
Manjinder Singh
Mickey Arora
Ricky Arora

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