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Where the Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi


Choreographed and performed by Darshana Bhattacharyya

Bihu is a folk dance from Assam, North-East India. Bihu dance is usually performed as part of the week-long celebration of Assamese New Year during the Spring season in the month of April.

Darshana will begin her award winning dance with brass plates (a dinner plate called "Kaahi") and farmers hat (called "Jaapi) in her hands to express how at the sound of the music people get excited, stop whatever they were doing and come out to dance, marvelling at the beauty of the spring season. Young people take this opportunity to express their feelings for each other through their singing and dancing. The dance usually starts with the appreciation of the beauty and miracles of nature.

About Darshana:

Darshana Bhattacharyya is a senior at Ames High School, Iowa.She loves to dance, and play piano. She has studied western dancing since age 6 and began taking Indian Classical dance three years ago. Recently she started performing folk dances in various function. At school she has been involved in the Student Council, Varsity Dance Team, Speech Club, Class Senate, Tennis etc. This year she was selected as a State of Iowa Scholar and United States Presidential Scholar nominee.

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