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Where the Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi

Bollywood Dance

'Hum to Bhai Jaise Hai Waise Rehenge" (We will stay the way we are) --Bollywood dance from movie "Veer-Zara".

Choreographed by:Monika Kataky with a lot of help from Meghna and Devika Kataky.

Description of the dance:In a typical Indian culture, girls are supposed to behave in a certain way once they are married. As a young girl they can be care-free and fun loving. They can sing and dance and be merry. But once they are married, these days are considered to be over and now they are entering a new stage of married life where they are supposed to be mature and responsible.

But the girls in this dance are saying they will not be restricted by the norms of society. They will behave exactly the way they like it. They are who they are and that is the way they are going to be. They are going to sing, dance and be merry through-out their life, --whether society likes it or not!

Dancers are Mehgna Kataky and Devika Kataky

Meghna is in 7th grade in Lake Junior High in Woodbury, MN. Meghna has been learning Indian Classical dance called Bharatnatyam since she was 6 years old. She loves to play the piano. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Some other things Meghna enjoys doing are playing tennis and reading.

Devika is in 4th grade at Red Rock Elementary in Woodbury, MN. Devika also has been learning Bharatnatyam for the last three years. She plays the piano and loves to sing. Some of her other favorite things to do are playing soccer, and do gymnastics.

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