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The disaster of flood in the district of Dhemaji is one of the major concerns of SPADE. The field survey conducted by SPADE in the Gaon Panchayats of Samarajan, Narowathan and Batgharia of Dhemaji revealed that the people of the area comprising the above mentioned G.P.s have suffered in many ways due to the perennial flood. Living in the public roads and embankments for a considerably long period of the year have become a rule than an exception for the people of the area. Thousands of hectares of cultivable land have been rendered unsuitable for paddy cultivation due to the heavy silt deposited by the recurrent flood, thereby compelling many families to resort to daily wage earning and other undignified enterprises such as liquor vending. Another major problem faced by them is that the tube wells - which are the only source of drinking water - are submerged during flood.

Massive siltation in Dhemaji caused by flood
Thus making long term arrangements for safe and suitable living during flood, introducing commercial crops of short gestation and suitable for sandy soils and raising the height of the tube wells have been immediate need to be met. SPADE is planning for Rabi crops cultivation in areas where siltation has occurred.

Accordingly, SPADE, with the help of local volunteers and inhabitants, identified the sites for construction of raised platforms covering the entire population of the Narowathan GP. A Disaster Management Committee has been constituted and entrusted with the management and maintenance of the planned platforms. However, the construction of the platforms have hitherto been postponed due shortage of funds.

Experts on agriculture with experience in extension work in flood affected area are consulted with for planning a way for introduction of commercial crops of suitable description in the area in question.

Twenty five public tube wells over the three Panchayats of Samarajan , Narowathan and Batgharia were identified for renovation and repair in such a way as to remain useable even during heavy flood. Height of all these 25 tube wells were raised and fitted with a concrete support. The total cost of the project amounting Rs.25,000/- was sanctioned to SPADE by the local branch State Bank of India under its Social Service Banking Scheme. The project was executed by the volunteers of SPADE and Gyan Bigyan Samiti, Assam, Dhemaji Block.

A raised tubewell provided by SPADE

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