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Where the Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi

Les Gitanes present Sans Visage

Les Gitanes is a collaborative dance, music and theater project under the direction of Ivory Coast native William Atchouelou. This evening, Les Gitanes will present it's work in progress Sans Visages (without faces). Sans Visages is our combined response to humankinds passions that drive creation and destruction, our search for harmony, the faceless viticms of war and the celebration of our true nature. The dances performed tonight are original choreography of William Atchouelou. Look for us at 'The Frinj of the Frinj' in late July!
Director: William Atchouelou


Moses Brown

Eric Coursen

Brian Van Tassel

Sara McCay

Dancers: Clare Daniel

Yulya Truskinovsky

Sara McCay

Autumn Compton

Maria LaNave

Whitney McClusky

Kenna-Camara Cottman

Dominique Winders

Ellena (Tina) Schoop

Jerome Barnes

Cynthia Matthews

Tricia Adkins

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